WP Media
10 to 50 employees / France

WP Media creates tools like WP Rocket and Imagify to help you making the web a better place, faster, lighter, smarter and easier to use.

10 to 50 employees / France
10 to 50 employees / France

Develop and implement your products and your devops/cloud architecture. Infuse agility into your organization.

Dalet Digital Media Systems
200 to 1000 employees / France / Jobs (6)

Leading Media Asset Management (MAM) & Orchestration platform powers end-to-end workflow solutions for news, sports, program preparation & multiplatform distribution, post-production, archives, rad...

10 to 50 employees / France / Jobs (1)

Vacation rental property management software. Save Time & Book Moreā„¢ with our Reservation System, Channel Manager and Website Builder. Request a Demo!

50 to 200 employees / France

Adomik resolves the complexity of managing digital advertising for all departments in publisher organizations, allowing them to improve their business performance and grow their revenue seamlessly.
50 to 200 employees / France

The Idea-to-Cloud Application Platform. Develop and deliver your greatest-ever applications. Anytime. Anywhere. We support PHP, Node.js, Drupal, WordPress, Ruby, Golang, Python, MySQL, ElasticSearc...

200 to 1000 employees / France / Jobs (8)

Heetch is the French VTC app, open 24/7. Low commissions for our pros drivers and fun for our passengers. Payment by credit card or cash. Available on iPhone and Android