10 to 50 employees / Germany / Jobs (2)

SaaS & subscription reporting, analytics & metrics for Stripe, Braintree, Chargify, Recurly and PayPal. In one click get your MRR, LTV, churn rate, cohort analysis and more.

10 to 50 employees / Germany / Jobs (2)

GOhiring offers the digital infrastructure for the HRmarket to enable direct ways of collaboration. With digital tools we stay connected as a team. #remotefirst

BaseCase Interactive
10 to 50 employees / Germany / Jobs (2)

BaseCase spreadsheet driven web-apps are powerful communication tools which visualize your health economic evidence in an interactive, easy-to-use format.

Giant Swarm
10 to 50 employees / Germany

Implement and manage your Kubernetes infrastructure with Giant Swarm. We will guide you along the Kubernetes learning curve. Get your containers in production.

10 to 50 employees / Germany / Jobs (4)

Easily achieve more than 10x in cost-savings when creating new assets or getting 3D data ready for any business case.

10 to 50 employees / Germany / Jobs (1)

flowkey is the easiest way to learn piano. Learn online anywhere, anytime and start free!

Ververica | Original creators of Apache FlinkĀ®
10 to 50 employees / Germany / Jobs (5)

Ververica, founded by the original creators of Apache Flink, makes stream processing easy for the enterprise with Ververica Platform, a complete stream processing infrastructure that includes open-...