Best home office setups

What would you do if you had the freedom to design your own office? Would you treat yourself to a standing desk? What kind of chair would you use? What would be your must-have gadgets?

I’ve dedicated this page to showcasing some of the best home office setups I could find on social media. All were posted by real people — mostly software developers — and each photo has a bit of a background story attached to it.

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Upgraded my coding setup with some new Hue Play lights mounted to the back of the iMac. 🤩 The effect is really cool! It really makes the iMac stand out on the desk and is really nice on the eyes! It almost looks like the iMac is floating. Plus with the Hue Sync app it can sync the colours to whatever’s on screen, which looks amazing with video content! . (More colourful Pictures to come soon 😜) . Apart from playing with lights and videos.... today has been looking into Notification Service Extensions, which allows an app to modify a push notification received from a remote server, before it is presented to the user. We’re looking to use this to do some clever dynamically localising of notifications on-device. 🤓😁 So far it looks promising - I’ve got it working so just need to tidy things up and look at some additional build configuration tomorrow. . Do you have lighting on/around your desk? What sort? How do you keep your workspace an inspiring, motivating place to be? . . . #code #softwareengineer #programming #developer #softwaredeveloper #developers #codingisfun #100daysofcode #programmerlife #coder #programmer #codinglife #programmers #developerlife #educateyourself #lifeofadeveloper #learntocode #workfromhome #freelancers #webdeveloper #fullstackdeveloper #appdeveloper #appdesign #appdevelopment #iosdeveloper #webdesign #webdevelopment #deskspace #compsci #softwareengineering

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🙌 Setup upgrade 🙌 . . 👉 So guys, as you may already know @Autonomousdotai was kind enough to send me one of their Smart Desk. And oh boy this is a game-changer. . . 👉 Ever since I got it I have been testing it, checking durability, vertical movement speed, noise, etc. Everything is on point. The best part, I have been checking other brands as well, and I can tell you this one is one of the most affordable. . . 👉The Why: This collaboration came in the right moment, mainly because I have been lately trying to be more active during the day, taking short walks, and working out. Now with this desk I have been spending more time in a stand position, and believe me, you feel the difference, your back feels the difference. . . 👉Things that I have felt since I got it: In a certain way I felt a boost in my energy, mainly because by being standing you improve your circulation, I have been able to correct my back form, you see when I am in a chair I tend to curve my upper back, but now every time I feel I’m doing that I change from sitting to standing. . . 👍 So once again big thanks to @Autonomousdotai for sending the best desk I have ever had. . . 🤙If you guys want to take a closer look at this product check the swipe up link in my Collaboration Highlight Stories. . . 🙋🏻‍♂️Do you have a Sit-Standing desk? How does it feel? Would you like to have one? If you have any questions regarding this let me know I will more than glad to help you out. 🙌 . ======= . . #standingdesk #autonomous #smartdesk #officeinspo #desk #homeoffice #desksetup #homeofficedecor #deskgoals #deskspace #deskdecor #desktop #homedesk #homeofficeideas #homeofficedesign #deskorganization #homeofficeday #homeofficegoals #deskinspo #homeofficelife #deskstyling #homeofficeinspo #homeofficedesk #deskinspiration #homeoffices #desksituation #desksetups

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