The Importance of Being Fully Remote

Besides saving on office costs, being a fully remote company or at least having a fully remote development team has one additional very important benefit: it helps to attract software developers to your job posts. 

The reason is very simple. Remote software developers prefer it when their colleagues are also working remotely. Being fully remote forces companies to design remote-friendly policies and introduce processes that facilitate remote work. Without these things, remote developers feel excluded and left out.

Let’s look at conference calls, for example. The local team gathers in the conference room, and the remote developer is singled out as the only one joining the video call from their laptop. I’ve seen this too often. Not only does it feel weird for everyone, but it also puts “the remote guy” at a disadvantage when it comes to exchanging thoughts. 

Being excluded introduces miscommunication and therefore reduces the productivity of remote developers. It also limits their career opportunities. 

Remote-first companies, where part of the development team works from an office and the other part works from home, make proactive steps to ensure remote software engineers do not feel excluded. Among other measures, they insist on documenting team meetings and use video conferencing tools by default. Their goal is to erase the difference between remote developers and those working in an office and make sure remote developers do not feel, well, “remote.” Stack Overflow is a good example of a remote-first company, and here you can learn more about their approach to working with remote employees. 

If you’re not ready to ditch the office and go fully remote, you might at least be ready to follow the path of Stack Overflow and become a remote-first company. Choosing one or the other way doesn’t really matter. What matters is creating an environment where remote software developers do not feel excluded. That’s the key to helping your remote software developers be successful, and that’s why they prefer such environments.