State of the Remote Programming Jobs Market

Uncertainties introduced by the coronavirus epidemic and the looming recession have put many companies in a very hard position. Industries hit hardest include travel, food service, and retail, but there will be hardly any tech company that doesn’t feel the impact before the worst is behind us.

A slower economy has an inevitable impact on the job market. Even in the tech sector, where just recently the competition for talent was very fierce, there are many experienced software developers now looking for work. While only some companies have publicly announced a hiring freeze, many others are slowing down hiring silently just by removing jobs from their career pages.

Here at RemoteMasters, we’ve been tracking all remote programming jobs, and we believe our data could be a good indicator of the remote programming job market:

Looking at the data, you’ll see there are new remote programming jobs created nearly every day, so it’s not all bad news. And while the balance is still negative, I believe that after the bad times are over, there will be more software developers working remotely than ever before.